Composition in black and white

Wood, mixed media; 2011

24" x 7" x 8" photo by Patrick Barta

A piece being put together

Drill baby, drill

Wood,mixed media; 2013

18" x 9" x 20" photo by Patrick Barta

 Henry won the Seattle Art Museum Betty Bowen award Grand Prize in 1996.


This piece was purchased by the Museum and displayed in an Exhibit "The Paving of   Paradise" for six months from 1998 to 1999.

Selected Media:

Bronze lost wax casting from College days

33" x 25" x 8"


The  Seattle Times article  by Robin Updike is archived at Seattle public Library

Making parts for a future cityscape in his  shop

Blue Bayou

Wood, mixed media; 2013

7" x 7" x 8" photo by Patrick Barta

 More recent works

Henry DePosit, Sculptor

The Start of a Body of Work

another view    

 What Happens to old used wood


 in Henry's shop?

November, 2015

Henry in his shop

Lions and tigers

wood,mixed media; 1989

14" x 8" x10" photo by Terry Reed

Is this Henry's shop? find out

Untitled large trailers

Wood, mixed media;1995

each 36" x 15" x 16" photo by Terry Reed

    12-19-1996    Seattle Times;  Robin Updike;  "A Cry from the Woods"  
    12-5-1996     University Week (University of Washington);  Nancy Wick;  "Custodian supervisor
                emerging after 30 year delay"

    6-26-1998        Seattle Post Intelligencer;  Regina Hackett;  review of "The Paving of Paradise"

     6-5-2005        American Miniaturist magazine lead article;  Judy Ryden;  "Hank's Place"  

    5-19-2009        The Stranger on-line;  Jen Graves;  "Who is Henry Deposit?"

Henry Deposit was born in Everett Washington in 1947.  He juggled a job as Executive Housekeeper while studying at the University of Washington from 1965 to 1987, when he got a BFA in Sculpture. Henry lives and works in Seattle Washington. Now retired, he continues to make sculptures in his basement shop.

Starting with "Lions and tigers" in 1989 he produced a large body of work in the 1990's and beyond, relieving the stress of his job with long hours making art in his shop. Nearly all were from recycled Douglas fir. Don't be fooled; the mechanical parts in these dark and forbidding vehicles are made of wood.

Through the years Henry has exhibited in group shows in Washington, Oregon, New Jersey and recently Los Angeles, California.  His piece "Movable feast"was accepted into the Bumbershoot Biennial exhibit "Consumables" at The Seattle Center in 2004.

Henry had a solo exhibit "War Against Planet Earth" at The Center for Urban Ecology near the University of  Washington in 1994,1995 and1996. In 1999 he had an exhibit "Toys and Trees" at Robey-Mildred Gallery in Seattle, and from 2007 to 2013 had rotating displays at Scooter Gallery and Snowgoose Gallery in Seattle.

"Cry from the woods" is the title of the Seattle Times Article from December 19,1996 written by Robin Updike.  She came to interview Henry in his shop after he won the 1996 Betty Bowen Award grand prize given annually through the Seattle Art Museum.