A Body of Work

"Make my day"

 wood, gold leaf, paint, and plastic labels; 2007

 10" x 7" x 7"  photo by Patrick Barta

Untitled small trailers

wood, mixed media; 1992

25" x 7" x 8" photo by Terry Reed

I capture what other photographers can't.

I see what other photographers won't.

I get the shot that I want, every time.

My photographs speak more than words ever can.

Have a look at Henry's work


Above is A 1999 Gallery Installation in Seattle.  Henry collected Christmas trees from friends and made the wooden rocks with his own giant tumbler.     

Below is one of his earlier works. 


Managed Growth

Wood, paint and discarded Christmas  trees; 1999

8ft x 16ft x16 ft, variable; photo by Terry Reed

Henry DePosit, Sculptor